Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Staying in God

I have not been able to focus on the daily lesson from the ACIM workbook, but have loved digging into each of the little blurbs and each of the prayers that go with the day (WBII). I have made myself a wonderful psalm for today. I have been pondering it as I workout this evening:

Let me not worship idols.
I am he the Father loves.
Sacred silence is my real self.
My holiness remains the light of Heaven.
My holiness remains the love of God.
Holiness is what I really am.

Here in the ego world, most of us don't consider ourselves holy. But if you could open your mind to the idea, then think of how wonderful to honor the idea instead of trash it; and realize you are the light of heaven and the love of God. Would you trash what God loves?

I just find that fascinating. It brings me into communication with my creator. I "Know" the truth and it has set me free.

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