Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Between Lives

I am in between lives. Physically, I am journeying from Kansas City to south Texas. In changing locations I am changing my physical world, including my body which is undergoing change as well.

My life is a dynamic life. I have lived 5 lifetimes so far: California where I was born; Kansas City pre-monastery; monastic life mainly cloistered; Atchison/Kansas City post-monastery; and now Texas.

Mental, emotional and spiritual change are required. A few last minute grievances attempt to attach themselves to me; but I am able to tell them "No." My Course in Miracles lessons provide the framework for this. My lessons for the 3 day trip are distinctively focused on new ways of thinking.They are a distinctive shift from eliminating grievances to replacement with miracles.

It is difficult to shift. The ego mind resists. The ego mind says, "What are God's laws and who would want those?" or "What is a miracle and who would want it?" and "You don't really believe you are making progress do you?"

I sit in the car and watch other cars as I watch my thoughts. I answer with today's lesson. But mainly, I need do nothing. My future is being built of miracles as I continue to answer the ego with other thoughts.

I am a successful engineer. I am earning money for retirement. I am a long distance runner and fitness fanatic. But my main interest is my mental and spiritual fitness.

A few more hours on the road today. Dinner tonight with some e-friends; meeting ftf for the first time. And then, another day of driving to get to my new destination and new framework for spiritual growth. That's all anything is: a framework for spiritual growth. And, all frameworks are viewed by the viewers differently. But all frameworks are indeed chosen (at some level) by the viewer.

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