Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seabrook Sunday Running

Here is where I went running today. In Seabrook, this gravel trail provides a nice 7 mile round trip; which is a convenient distance. Laps don't become too boring and you don't have to carry much water. First time I've run in a place that had snake and alligator warning signs. I'll probably run here every weekend.

I ran past this place too:

I also got my car inspected and went to the post office to get the keys to my mail box. No line in either place. I am living in a temporary apartment. Hopefully the moving van will show up Tuesday. I went to work for the first time on Friday. I really needed to get my work computer. Anyone who works for my company knows how important it is to keep up to speed and how so much can only be accessed from a company computer (I'm using my persona computer at the moment). My apartment has 2 TVs; which I haven't been watching. I can't bear the idea of a magnificent and majestic being spending its time watching drivel.

I spent this evening quietly. I was working on my Course in Miracles lesson. And drinking Ozarka water which tastes fabulous. The biggest spiritual challenge is to just sit and be quiet. I was "praying" for any person who came to mind by seeing the light and joy and peace abiding in them.

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