Tuesday, November 15, 2011


An analogy.

Think of thoughts as particles of dirt swirling around in water. The water cannot be drank until the dirt settles. Inner peace comes with having a clear mind and it is the swirl of thoughts which prevents the peace. A person can sit very quietly in meditation and wait for the thoughts to settle down. This is like sitting by the side of a pond and waiting for the dirt to sink to the bottom. Another way is to move up stream to where the water is clear. Analogously, inner peace could also be achieved by moving to a quieter place in the world. Another way, a modern way, is to set up artificial pollution control devices which clear the immediate surroundings in order to provide clear water. In the thought analogy, I need a means to continuously filter and correct thoughts, or repel them, so that I have inner peace. The means that I use is inner reflection and intuition. I use the Course in Miracles to correct my thoughts.

I read the following in Paul Brunton this morning:

"Who posses complete independence? Who has all the freedom he wants? Who is able to make his choices freely, unaffected by his circumstances, by social pressure, by events, or by heredity? The answer, of course, is no one. But to the extent that anyone learns to control his thoughts, to become master of himself, he begins to control his fate....."

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