Friday, July 2, 2010

Personal Multi-day - 2

First off this morning, I wrote:

How many days, decades, lifetimes have been spent waiting for You?
We who sit, know He sits with us.
I am alone, yet part of many.
We quietly devote ourselves to The Awareness.

The great texts point us to It.
The Master said, "He is within."
I prostrate before The Master in gratitude.
I kneel before The Awareness in love.


There is no greater thing than to lay down your life for your Friend, The Awareness, Love Itself.

Do you think I do this to get something?
Can you not see there is no reward?
Except for The Knowledge, the richness palpating a hidden place within.


And so, I completed another pseudo-50k-of-sorts today. 2 hours on ex-machines. Run 16.2 miles in 3h09, faster than yesterday by a smidge. Then 1h5min on machines; went 5 min longer on the nordic track since I ran faster.

I have broken new ground: never worked out for 6+ hours two days in a row. I'm aware of those achieving greater feats of endurance. I'm pleased to see my own personal progress: back in December, I thought just the 16.2 miles for 3 days in a row was alot.

So, eat, sleep, get out of med in the morning and try again. I swear, this is happening courtesy of a power greater than myself.

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