Thursday, July 29, 2010

LIFE vs life

I feel the need to clarify something. Or just express my happiness for the clarity I have.

LIFE is divine. It is in each of us and everywhere; except the body/material world because that is an illusion. life is the tiny mad idea which wanted to be special so left God and made this illusion. life is ego-life and material world life. life is a delusion.

When I celebrate LIFE, I am looking beyond the physical, beyond the illusion to the truth. The truth is that we are love, God is love and there is nothing else. Love is constant, benign, peaceful quiet, unchanging, eternal.

This idea explains to me why I feel like adult life is so much play acting. Making chemicals and being responsible for systems to prevent them from killing us is still play acting. Earning money and paying taxes and taking care of the car are play acting. Now I know why my career has never been of that much interest to me. Deep down, I know it is meaningless in comparison to LIFE.

life is an illusion, a dream and not real. The ego is the emperor of the illusion. The emperor has no clothes. Look at the ego and realize how meaningless it's dream is. The reality of love is much more attractive as soon as you realize it is even there.

Others don't really want to hear that life is not real. This is why I don't associate with others very much (outside of work). People want me to believe their lives are real, real important, really bad, really worth prayer. But life is just entertainment; or more accurately, a distraction from LIFE.

LIFE exists quietly beyond the illusion. We are one in LIFE. Laying quietly on my bed, I enter the part of my mind which is beyond the body. The true existance of my mind, as an idea in the Mind of God, is not in a physical brain. As a solitary athlete, I can also expand my mind beyond the physical. During exercise, my body seems to be the focal point, but actually, endurance is a way to disengage from it. Truely, endurance takes me out beyond, especially if it has no goal, no award to win, no time to beat.

Today is the anniversary of my entry into A Course in Miracles. I am on chapter 20 of my fifth reading of the Text and lesson 180 on my third working of the workbook.

As I do every morning. I got up at 3:30 and spent an hour in spiritual study and meditation. Then I worked out on ex-machines for 50 minutes. Then I ran for 50 minutes. Today I ran in my new UA reflective hat. Tonight I go to the torture of my massage therapist.

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