Sunday, February 21, 2016

Marathon Weekend Diary

Texas State Parks day 1:

About 5.5 hours after finishing a marathon, I want to do another. I don't feel that bad after one this morning. I just got my hydro-pak ready.

Today's race was on an extremely nice bike path. But very few people were in the race. So I thought alot. My explanations to the race director about why her marathon business isn't doing so great. Lots of thoughts about my upcoming 50 mile race (I hope). Not so much about why am I doing this. I was just doing it.

Now it is Sunday morning. Right after putting on my shoes, I thought, "Damn these feel good." Then I was doing my usual spiritual study. I am reading about insight. How do people get those flashes of illumination, moments of clarity? I hope I get a moment of clarity about marathons. But for starters, Texas is a mecca for older athletes. But we are a hidden sub-culture. You won't find us in Walmart; but quietly doing our miles in parks. Then there was the moment yesterday when I realized I had seen that baby turtle on its back and walked back to pick it up. There is something about me that cares about life. Clinging to that tiny idea could open up a whole universe.

I'm about to jump in the car and go to a second marathon in 2 days. I'm feeling more positive than yesterday. I need "Intuition" to come with me.

Now it is 1:30 pm. I drove home from the race and showered already.

Clearly some sort of miracles occurred today. I can't explain this.

I felt really good this morning. My garmin was set for 3x2s again. But when I was running, I seemed to be flying. And when walking, it was speed walking.

The result? a 5h21min marathon on day 2. That is freaking more than 30 minutes faster than on Saturday. How did I do that? I'll ponder the matter and get back to you.

I do know this. As I headed out for the last mile, I know I felt like an athlete. The greatest feeling ever.

Victory shot:

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