Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brunson - V13.Part 1.2.27

This morning, I was reading from a notebook of Paul Brunton.

"The way out of the to and fro wanderings of his moods, to spirit and away from it, is to accept the double nature of his being .... Then struggles cease and harmony prevail. There is no warlike confrontation within himself but peaceful reconciliation."

This helps me understand my shifts between violent ego emotions and calm spiritual outlook.

Yesterday was an emotional day at work as I felt overwhelmed with too much to do and also got a sore throat. How spiritual is that? We all assume then that we have failed at spirituality. Not so. Accept the ego's travails and peace appears. I just did it and it happened.

The double nature of my being is both spiritual and ego.

I had an excellent work out day yesterday. 48 minutes of machines in the morning and 45 minutes of treadmill in the afternoon.

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