Friday, February 6, 2015

Marathon Addict

With some dismay, after my mouse clicking session last evening, added two more hotel reservations and used up some points. I am now holding 4 hotel reservations and one set of airplane tickets. I am signed up for, or plan to sign up for 6 marathons and 2 half marathons. And in the back of my mind are plans for multi-day marathons in July and November.

It has finally sunk in what it means to be a Texas runner. Racing season is February, March and sometimes April. There are again some marathons in the fall. But, winter here is when most of the races are so you do them while you can. Race every weekend if you want because there won't be any races in the summer. Don't decide you are not going to drive to Dallas area or you will miss some racing.

I did go to marathons the past 2 weekends. This weekend, I'm DNSing a 20 mile trail run and  sleeping in. Next weekend, I'll do the Baytown half marathon. Then, I think I have marathons almost every other weekend for 2 months.

I am a member of a certain type of runner/jogger/walker who likes to go in marathons; not race them. I have decided I like being a marathoner more than being an ultra-marathoner (not that I was ever very successful at ultras). I discovered that I especially like racing season because I can relax more during the time between races doing recovery.  Day of the race logistics for a marathon are much easier too. In essence, my brain is much less stressed and the racing is much more fun.

It is much easier being a marathoner than an ultra marathoner. Not just because of finishing percentages. But because I don't need to do as much "time on your feet" training; I can do more high intensity cross training and weight lifting/ conditioning.

All in all, I am feeling better physically and limping less. What's not to like about that?

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