Saturday, September 6, 2014

That Lady

Once, more than 30 years ago, when I was a fresh faced college student, I went on an archaeological dig in Israel, There were a number of college students from around the world; and one old lady. Well, I don't know if she was really old, just alot older than me.

We were staying in a place without air conditioning. Showers were cold and open air. We spent out days in the hot sun digging squares and saving the pot sherds. It was exhausting work for 6 weeks. After a bit, the old lady quit going to the digging but stayed at the camp washing and sorting pottery.

Young person that I was thought stuff like: What is that old lady doing here? Doesn't she know she is to old for this? Doesn't she know it is too much for her? She shouldn't be here.

In that lady's own mind, she probably did know of her short comings; but she wanted to go on an archaeological expedition and so she did.

Now, I am in my 50s and I probably am an old lady to a number of people. I have signed up for a running expedition. I look at the pictures of the 2014 race on Face book and see fresh faced young women. Some of the guys are old, but not the females. So I will be that lady in 2015.

I am that lady. I am that lady who is too old, too worn out, too slow. Yes I am. But my intuitive mind, my heart, my soul, does not know that. I want to go on an expedition and so I signed up. Ha!

In my 20s, I was working. In my 30s, I was working and riding motorcycles and getting laid. Are girls allowed to ride motorcycles? In my 40s, I was locked in a convent for 4 years and then playing catchup with my career. One time I climbed a cliff in Death Valley. Are 40 year olds allowed to climb cliffs?

Now I am in my 50s. I've been with one employer for 5 years and so am able to ask for a week off work without pay in order to go on an expedition. I can't wait until I'm 60 or retired to follow this dream.

Today, I strapped on more than 10 lbs of water and went out for a 3 hour jog walk in the middle of the afternoon. It was a great time of sweating and introspecting.

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