Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No Fat

I have been intrigued by this blog ( http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2014/09/thoughts-on-mcdougall-advanced-study.html  ) where it says, "  Dr. McDougall, his family, and many of the other starch-based/plant-based diet advocates tended to be extremely lean with low fat and muscle mass.  They also tended to have a healthy and energetic appearance and demeanor.  As I would expect, decades of exceptionally high starch intake hasn't made them obese or obviously ill."

So I have been reading Dr McDougall's information here, https://www.drmcdougall.com/about/dr-john-mcdougall/

I thought, what diet Dr would you follow: the one who has a bunch of fat followers who continue to be fat or the one whose 60 something followers are lean with a healthy energetic appearance and demeanor?

So, I had a no fat dinner. And discovered, as I usually read a book for a bit after dinner before beginning my workout, that some part of my brain was disturbed by the lack of fat and wanted to come down to the kitchen and eat the cheese. Is that an addiction, a habit or a real need? Some part of my brain was disturbed by just one little act on my part to do something different. We are taught to believe that we need fat/ oil to feel sated. What if I can overcome this teaching?

So I am going to try an experiment of lowering my fat consumption. Like, no butter on the evening veggies. I'll still have a peanut butter sandwich at work. But I am going to push the needle down. I need to find out that I won't die; in fact be better off.

Keep in mind, I only weigh 134 lb; so this is not about weight loss. It is about increased energy and vibrant health. It is also about one more way that I will not participate in society. I have been a vegetarian for decades, but I could possibly step outside the American box in an even more radical way.

I haven't had ice cream or potato chips in decades either. I don't miss them. What if the same could be said of butter and cheese?

In other news, I have found that the surgical scar on the back of my heel has improved enough that I can once more feel comfortable in Vibrams. I've been doing my cross training in Vibrams now for 2 days. This should be great for strengthening the foot. Furthermore, I am down to a normal insole in my road running shoes. So many of the weird pains are gone. So amazing.

Desert RATS, here I come.

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