Tuesday, April 8, 2014

From the Unreal to the Real...

... and so went the chant we said twice a day at the ashram. It was a Catholic Benedictine ashram and I was a volunteer for a year before entering the order.

flick....I was swimming laps in a chlorine soaked pool. I was in the 6 year old age group. Orinda Country Club. Dark green speedo.

flick....I was riding a horse. A paint quarter horse. I had trained him to show in trail class. We won a championship.

flick.... I was riding my 10-speed bicycle down a hill in the east bay hills. I was wearing one of the first Bell bicycle helmets available.

flick...I was running cross country for UC Davis.

flick... I had landed at KCI. Rented a car. Driving down I29, I got my first look at Kansas City. My new home.

flick.... I was sober.

flick... I was out of work so I meditated alot.

flick... Contemplative prayer.

flick.... Kicked out of the monastery.

flick.... running for self transcendence.

flick.... I live in Texas.

flick... What if I allowed my mind to fly free? I mean really free. I mean let go.

Everyone would think I was weird and they might not like me. Do I care any longer? How do I stop eating the King's dainties for good? I am no longer going to try to validate what I believe. I will just believe it.

A dream. My mind expanded. Possibilities emerged. Soaring is occurring. I want to keep flying. I am a living metaphysician, monk, runner.

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