Thursday, January 9, 2014

Plotinus 1.1-2

I started at the beginning again today; having completed some reading to Ennead 6 already.

Plotinus seems to set up the separation between Soul and everyday worldly consciousness (I call ego): sense perception/ discursive reasoning. Saying that these two things Soul vs Perception cannot be the same things because Soul is eternal and unchanging.

I accept this and know that it is a concept which appears elsewhere, like in A Course in Miracles. The ACIM Text 25.III also notes that perception is a choice. The world we see is the one we want to see because we desire to see guilt.

In my jogging this morning, which took place in the quiet warm moistness of El Lago, I continued to think about the Soul vs ego. A big part of my spiritual seeking is my belief that ego consciousness can be transcended or healed so a person can live as Soul consciousness. It does mean renouncing the world; or changing focus and thinking. I go so far as to say that renouncing the world plus changing focus has been my study and my practice through many years and many theologies. I'm happy with this path. I keep trying to go along it. Remember I said 2014 would be a year of record breaking inner peace? I meant this path of renunciation plus changing focus. I have that potential for 2014.

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