Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Life

I have struggled with whether to keep going in running races. I fuss about the costs. I wonder what is the purpose? I wonder if I should at all since my heel spur surgery.

I have a few friends going in the Calgary Marathon 2014. I kept looking at United Airlines and just couldn't quite stomach $900 air fare. Suddenly on Monday night, I noticed the ticket price had gone down to $570. SOLD!

Calgary here I come!

Ever since then, I've been more energized. I've had a happier feeling. It will be a slow marathon for sure; and I'll need to train carefully. You would be amazed how my body changed after 6 weeks non-weight bearing and then another month of no running.

Last weekend I did a 7.3 mile jog. Then on Sunday I did a 5 mile jog. I could feel the stress of Saturday as I got started on Sunday.

Calgary looks pretty nice compared to where I usually hang out:

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