Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unbelievable Incredible

Did you know that people actually think Christmas is real? That something must be done? That the holiday has any relationship to God or Jesus?

I don't do Christmas. I haven't for several years now. Do you have any idea how counter-cultural and radical it is to stop participating? Talk about bucking the system!

I do enjoy days off work. I'll take any excuse for that.

Today, I had an enlightening thought. If you seek to be nothing, and let go of all illusions, then you will achieve it. Blankness as a spiritual path is way off track for what we a taught to seek by most pop gurus.

Today, I ran around a park 19 times. The high-light was waving at the FedEx truck as it left my street. I ordered a fancy pair of running tights to wear in a race on Monday. A girl wants to look hot from time to time when she goes out. I'm going to the famous Memorial Park in Houston; and I'll be a decked out for the occasion.

Now I think I'll go use my living room furniture: Versa Climber, Nordic Track, treadmill, stationary bike and elliptical.

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