Saturday, December 19, 2015

Houston Running Festival

It is totally worth mentioning: I ran a marathon today.

Not just finishing, but RACING.

See, during the past month or so, as I ran 2 half marathons, I discovered that I can 100% run a half marathon at around 10 minute miles without having problems with one of my knees. Early in November, before the 2 half marathons, I ran the Fort Worth marathon by running the first 8.5 miles and then switching to 7x1s (7 minutes run and one minute walk). I did well finishing in 5h04min. That was the best I've done since 2011.

Today, the weather was cold (to me) at 39F to start. Since I live near Galveston Bay, I almost never experience temps less than 55F. But it was clear skies without much wind. I thought my time would be a little slow as I knew I'd have to stop to shed clothing layers. The race course is a 2 mile paved bike path, where I could easily drop a jacket at the car.

I was cold to start so I ran very fast to warm up. I felt comfortable and got about 6 miles done the first hour. I decided to keep running that pace for the first 13 miles, then start the 7x1s. I held a good pace and finished the half in 2h15. Then I started the walk breaks. The walking did help so when I was running, I continued to run fast. I finished in 4h44min.

OMG! I since my surgery in 2013, I never thought I'd ever again break 5 hours in a marathon. Something magical was happening today. I had the energy and my right ACL did no let out one peep. I don't think I was in a zone. I was just running comfortable for me. Nothing was bothering me and the legs had the energy so I let them go.

So fantastic.

Here is how I looked after finishing.

I guess all the cross training; and shorter faster training runs is working. Also, it is winter.

I love being an athlete.

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