Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Guess I Love Marathons

Keep it simple. This is the autobiography of a runner.

Do I not look fantastic for a 56 year old female?

I bought this picture so it is great to post it.

How do I know I love marathons? I am currently entered in 8 of them. Three are in 2016! Why 2016? Well, the Texas marathon on 1/1 sells out, so I entered already. The other 2 were early bird specials. I am entered in one more race which is only 25k; but on a trail which will take me a long time to finish. I entered it because it is close to home and in a park I'd like to see.

I own airplane tickets to go to marathons. Yesterday, more shoes were purchased. Plus my favorite fuel: lemon lime Accelerade.

During January and February, I had to recover from a NYE ultra-marathon which damaged my knee after 45 miles, and a couple of marathons only 1 week apart. Then I swung into a pattern of 2 weeks between races. This works good for me. But also, it means I can support twice daily workouts of an hour or so. This works for daily health maintenance and longevity.

I don't run for a reason. I'm not in it for cancer, veterans, homeless, als, peace, what ever. I run for me.

Beyond the racing is my essence of endless endurance. I love to strap on my hydro-pak and just slowly do miles for hours. I love the self sufficiency of it.

Otherwise, I am experiencing a spiritual dark night and a sobriety renaissance. I am loving the writings of Bill Wilson and his emphasis on humility, right living, true ambition. I love my twice daily silent prayer and spiritual studies. An outcome is my ego has less to expound on in spiritual matters. The dark night only seems dark because the ego is losing. When the ego loses, perception of spiritual highs goes away. So the ego thinks it is having a dark night. But overall, inner peace grows. This is why no one wants inner peace; it doesn't have an ego reward.

I am living through this.

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