Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Clean My Own Toilets

I just finished my workout for one legged people. I've named it: Invalid xxx. And then I cleaned my own toilet. So proud of myself.

I've had one leg for almost 2 weeks. I've noticed that my hands have strengthened up so my crutches are not so bad. My one good leg has also strengthened up and is better at both standing and hopping. My arms and shoulders are not so tired from heaving around my body.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. My office has been moved out of the plant to the admin building where I can access it. I was begged to do an incident investigation, so tomorrow at 10 am, I'll be fully at work. "I was begged" because I am a great facilitator: hands down, bar none, I am the best.

How stupid US health care costs are.! Because I have insurance, the hospital accepts a fee that is only 25% of what they itemized. Really? If the hospital would send me a bill that was only 25% of what they wanted, I'd just pay it and skip the insurance company all together. It is such a total game.

I continue to learn alot about what it might be like to be handicapped full time. Trips to the grocery store are especially interesting because someone always has to say or do something funny. Like this morning, I was rolling from a handicapped parking space towards the front door, where people drive. A car pulled in front of me and stopped, not seeing me, let off an able bodied person, then noticed me standing by the side of the car waiting for it to move. Man gives an embarrassed wave and drives off to a parking spot. I'm not being snarky, just interested in what must happen every day to one legged people. I'll be more aware when I get my leg back.

On the other hand, most American adults are hopelessly disabled just because they never exercise their bodies for any reason.

The Invalid 950 took an hour.
crunches on ball 75
butt scrunch on ball 75
twists on ball 75
Russian twists 75
bicycles 75
leg lift front 50
leg lift side 50
leg lift inner 50
swimmers 50
clam 50
side curl 50
roll ups 75
sitting knee lift w/10 lbs 50
biceps 50
triceps kick backs 50
pecs 50

toilets cleaned 1

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