Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mysticism - Brunton

In book 11, Brunton says: "What the mystic seeks is a direct experience of the soul....he has the moral courage to withdraw from religious tradition and to deviate from worldly custom...Mystics who seek quivering ecstasies alone take the risk of becoming victims of their own emotional workings...They reach the divine center with their imagination or with their feelings, but not with their mind nor with their will....It is better to look for a different and better sign such as lasting intellectual conviction or improvement of outward conduct..."

It is astounding how many mystical authors I have followed over the past nearly 30 years, how hard I have tried. I never had "baptism of the spirit" of the emotional extravaganza sort. And from all the reading, I thought that was what was supposed to happen.

I now am ready to give myself credit for emotional stability, and daily unending progression of mind into an increasing state of freedom from the worldly thought prison.

I can change my thinking. In quietness, I know there is a bigger picture; and a greater reality leaks into my own. I need to hear what Spirit is saying to me, not just read books. When will I get the courage to put the books down? Today?

Yesterday, I ran 21.6 miles; and followed that in the evening with various strength routines and another 68 min of cross training machines. It was easy to get started with the evening workout. The morning's 21 miles did not exhaust me at all. I found myself energized by this.

I also find that after 40 years of running races, for the first time, I qualified for membership in an organization called Marathon Maniacs. I've never tried to qualify; but it was on my mind Friday so I checked to see what the qualifications were. And, yes, I got the bronze and I am a member. I somehow need this membership as inspiration for my next diabolical endeavor: In July, I hope to run 5 marathon races in 5 days.

I am off to the park now for a few miles. I don't know how many. I won't be watching the Superbowl; but see, I do know it is today.

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