Thursday, February 7, 2013


Often, early in the morning, as I finish my spiritual study and jump on my elliptical, I have a mind on fire with inspiration. I ride my elliptic with ear plus in and I allow my mind to ponder and soar over spiritual issues. But, then I rush to work and dive in to my day and don't often have time to capture the soaring.

But today I have a key word: nobility, as in noble spirit.

Not nobility as in a king or queen or lord who rules over people. But a vision of love, kindness, getting-along-with-others sort of agape-an existence in this world. I completely and totally believe that my inner work is drawing me into an agape-an existence where I can be a noble spirit.

My ego wants to be a high integrity, well liked person. My soul wants to live in the vision of love with others too. So finally, I can say that my ego and my soul want the same thing. Perhaps for different reasons, but the result of the collaboration is that I walk the world in peace. I am also able to retire at the end of the day to a solitude capable of re-energizing the spiritual foundation.

I don't reside in a monastery divorced from the world. I reside in a chemical plant and on the freeways and in the grocery store. I play well with others.

Is that not beautiful? I found a center, a balance where there is no friction between my worldly self and my spiritual self; in fact I become one. In fact, I see this collaboration in others too. Everyone is a noble spirit too.

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