Friday, February 10, 2012


...burdens or impediments.  For some, austerity is a painful deprivation. For me, it is the letting go of complexity and encumbrances in order to live in the simple light of my soul. 

Most of my encumbrances are in my mind. They can be called unrecognized beliefs, and the ego's desire for specialness. Specialness causes me to carry out a war in my mind against all others. This war consists of attack thoughts whose purpose is to see me as better than everyone else and promote others worseness. I think I need to do this for my safety because I don't recognize my true position in the real world.

The world I see is a world of encumbrances. The real world is just the light and peace of God; silent and benignly peaceful. My ego would never want this; so it devised another world where it could be special and reign over peace.

What an annoying pain I have made for my self by choosing the ego's world over the real world. My shadow is unrecognized beliefs; which control my life and cause me to seek specialness.

I can choose again.

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