Monday, April 18, 2016

Marathon Vacation Dream

I have a dream:

I am a vacation deprived person so some things need to be abbreviated. I don't have the resources to do a 6 day Mainly Marathons race. But I could do 4 days; and that makes more sense if flying to Denver.

That is my dream for this September. I'm already going on a 3 day marathon vacation in July.

Last Saturday, I did not start a race. Mostly too lazy to get out of bed and drive to it. There was a tiny bit of road construction which helped me decide not to fool with it. It was only a 25k anyway.

 I ran 21 miles by myself instead. On Sunday, I ran a private marathon by myself. Last weekend, I ran 30 miles on Saturday and 14.4 miles on Sunday. The last weekend of March I ran 2 private marathons.

I think I will be able to complete the 50 mile run coming up in 3 weeks. I haven't done a 50 mile race in about 18 months. I wonder how I'll do. I'm in great shape.

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