Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On the Psalms

Why do monks recite the Psalms? Because of the Lord. The Lord Himself is in the words of the scripture.

It started with Anthony of the Desert, whose life was written by Athanasius, whose book was read by Evagrius and others. Cassian read Evagrius. Benedict read Cassian.

From the book "Talking Back" by Brakke: "Reciting the Psalms becomes a means of both therapeutic recognition of the soul's condition and ethical formation of the soul after the pattern of Christ...that the melody that is applied to the Psalms alters the condition of the body may indicate knowledge of the Epistle's teaching (Athanasius' letter to Marsellinus) that the melody effect's the soul which can then bring harmony to the body's members."

This matters to me because I am a spiritual seeker. I want the Lord to be in my consciousness.

Today I said, "Spirit, I need you now." and then I thought:
The light in my soul burns quietly.
I need not fret.
It is the Lord.

I keep forgetting happiness. I do better remembering I am a worm and no man (Benedict). The urge to sign up for a race returns. The episode of my foot surgery is over. Silence returns but I can't let it be. I have been riding the ex-bike with the boot for about 3 weeks. Today I rode it without the boot. Shortly there after, my left lower leg started quivering.

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